To celebrate the year of the dog we’ve figured out which dog your university is! Even though all dogs are cute and fluffy, you can’t deny that they sometimes have some weird traits, just like universities...


Cambridge University - Corgi

They're posh and they think they're royalty - yep, that's Cambridge!

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Loughborough university - GreyHound

The sportiest of breeds for the sportiest of universities.

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Durham university - Whippet

The second sportiest breed for the second sportiest university. Once again, Durham doesn't quite claim the top spot. Forever the knock-off...

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Nottingham Trent - Chihuahua

Extremely loud, very annoying and always in your face - someone has small man syndrome...


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Liverpool University - pomeranian

Perfectly coiffed every day, just like a Liverpool girl on a night out.

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Leeds university - springer spaniel

Bursting with energy and constantly wanting to go out, just like every student in Leeds...

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Manchester university - great Dane

Much like the University of Manchester, just really really really REALLY big...

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Sheffield university - Pug

Sheffield students are hella cute, and make fantastic memes, of course they’re pugs.

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Sheffield Hallam - puggle

Same as above but bigger, healthier, and with fewer wrinkles.

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Exeter University - Afghan

Ok, so, as usual… all anyone knows about Exeter is that it’s by the sea. It’s really hard to find a beach-dog, so it has to be this one with its luscious beach-y waves. (Maybe one day Exeter will have another defining feature… One day…).

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Southampton university - Dachshund

Both Southampton students and dachshunds have floppy ears, tiny legs, and resemble food. (Scientifically proven- cannot be disputed).

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Queen Mary - Cocker Spaniel

Cocker spaniels are adorable, beautiful, intelligent, and make for the best pals - much like QM students.

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Goldsmiths - Basset Hound

Both are perpetually confused and slightly dishevelled, they probably have red eyes for different reasons though…

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Staffordshire University - Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Haha… Because they’re basically called the same thing… Get it?

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Warwick university - Black Labrador

Have you ever been to Warwick - why are there so many black labs?!

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LSE - Cat

Too snobby and arrogant to be pups… And both go crazy for laser pointers...

Be right back... Gonna go cry about not being allowed a puppy in my uni house...
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