Just think of all the times you've wanted to know the answer to the question 'What McDonald's meal is your University?'.

Ever wondered 'What McDonald's meal is your University?'. Then wonder no more.

1. Queen Mary

What McDonald's Meal is Your University - Queen Mary

Queen Mary, despite being part of the University of London and the only campus uni in London, is just a bit odd. You’ll get weird looks if you bang on about how much you love it, just like people who bang on about how much they love a Fillet-o-Fish. Because nobody has heard of either.

2. Essex

Essex isn’t known for being one of the classier universities (sorry, but TOWIE definitely left its mark on the county as a whole) but everyone secretly loves it. That’s why Essex is a 20 Chicken McNugget ‘Sharing’ Box.

3. Manchester

What McDonald's Meal is Your University - manchester

As a university with a strong German heritage (who knew? Cheers Wikipedia) it’s only apt that Manchester are the most German thing on the McDonald’s menu - The Double Sausage and Egg McMuffin. No McBratwursts though, I’m afraid.

4. Portsmouth

You can’t expect to be that close to the sea and not be Fish Fingers.

5. Sheffield

What McDonald's Meal is Your University - sheffield

Sheffield is a McChicken Sandwich - a classic that nobody could complain about, but it’s a bit boring. Just be a Chicken Legend already.

6. Sheffield Hallam

Sheffield Hallam is a Mayo Chicken from the Saver Menu. Couldn’t quite reach the lofty heights of Sheffield and its McChicken Sandwich. Don’t hate.

7. Exeter

What McDonald's Meal is Your University - Exeter

Exeter’s cute, there’s no two ways about it. It’s near the sea, Exmoor, Dartmoor, and the whole of the West Country. Just thinking about it makes us happy, which is why it’s an adorable little Happy Meal.

8. Birmingham

Have you ever looked at how your Large Fries tower over your burger and your chicken nuggets? Do they remind you of any other unnecessarily phallic shapes…? Yep, we’re talking about the Clock Tower at Birmingham. Tenuous, yes, but accurate.

9. Nottingham

What McDonald's Meal is Your University - nottingham

Nottingham’s a bit of a show-off, like that one person who goes into McDonald’s and orders a Grilled Chicken Salad just to prove how awesome they are in the face of saturated fat. Well, jokes on you because McDonald’s salads are still packed with calories, like Nottingham is packed with posers.

10. Warwick

Warwick’s a Vegetable Deluxe - newer to the menu than some of the other burgers but still managing to hold it’s own with it’s famous business school (and we all know veggie things are very in vogue at the moment).

11. LSE

What McDonald's Meal is Your University - Nottingham

LSE it a true Big Tasty with Bacon. A complete show off and an unnecessary challenge for your stomach, most sane people will give up halfway through.

12. Loughborough

Ah, the sporty ones who are probably just thinking about lean protein all day, every day. They are a Chicken Legend With Cool Mayo, because chicken in lean and they think they’re cool and everyone else just wants to throw mayo at them.

13. King’s College

King’s is a classic Double Cheeseburger. Well established, inoffensive and jam-packed with cheese to feed all of those mice that run riot through the library.

14. Oxford Brookes

What McDonald's Meal is Your University - Oxford Brookes

Oxford Brookes is a Big Mac. The big bit of nothing bread in the middle represents the lie you tell when you say you went ‘to Oxford’. It doesn’t make the burger or the university better, guys.

15. St Andrews

St Andrews has some of the highest numbers of American students of any UK university. That’s why you’re the ultimate American breakfast, Pancakes and Syrup. Try not to get syrup on your dissertation.

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