The Philippines has it all. White beaches, palm trees and abundant fruit make it an ideal travel destination. This travel guide aims to equip you best for the adventures that await you in the Philippines.

Bug spray

Because of the country’s lush wildlife, insects are literally, everywhere. The insects are relatively harmless (thank God!) but they do bite. Save yourself some trouble and keep the bugs at bay with bug spray. Unless you want to return home covered in itchy bug bites.

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Toilet Paper

“Wait, what?” I hear you asking. Generally, you won’t find toilet paper in your average toilet in the Philippines (the exception being resorts, hotels and fancy restaurants). Don’t expect any if you plan on staying with host families or in hostels. You’ve been warned.

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A portable WiFi device

A stable internet connection is hard to come by while in the Philippines. A portable WiFi device can help you out in a pinch or if you desperately need to upload your holiday photos to Instagram (alternatively, get yourself a Filipino SIM card and purchase a data pack, as they come very cheap).

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Sun cream

The weather in the Philippine is incredibly changeable, with intense heat one minute and torrential rain the next. Okay, that may be an exaggeration but don’t get caught out in the sun with no sun cream. Getting badly sun burnt can leave you in a great deal of pain and it has the potential to ruin your trip, especially if you have fair skin. Sun’s out, guns out (but only after you’re UV protected).

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A power bank

A power bank is a useful item to pack on any trip, whether it’s to charge your laptop, phone or camera. It will prove handy during electricity blackouts which frequently occur over the rainy season (June - October).

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GoPro (or similar device)

While the above items are essentials, the GoPro is simply an extra item you can bring to further improve your experience. In the Philippines you’ll (most likely) be doing various activities related to swimming (snorkelling, cliff diving, whale stark watching etc,). A GoPro is the perfect camera to record these experiences. Additionally, it’s made to be durable, so it will survive the country’s rural countryside and changeable climate.

And with that, you’re ready to enjoy the natural paradise that is the Philippines!

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