Finally, the read you've all been asking for! We all share a common love of food, so find out which restaurant best represents you!

January - LEON

Overpriced, strangely spiced and for those 'New Year, New Me' and 'Body Goals' people who cancel their gym membership after 2 weeks. 

February - FIVE GUYS 


Let's face it. Because we know that you fell off your 'Body Goals' programme and don't give a damn. You post a pic of your soggy burger and limp fries for the gram. 

Who needs one man, when you can have Five Guys?

March - Toby Carvery 

Oh, what's a Toby Carvery you ask? They are usually located in the middle of nowhere just like the month of March. 

With that said, you do get more than you bargained for. Very underrated. 

April - Wagamama 

Authentically Asian? Can you taste the 'just kidding' yet? 

Get it? No? It was worth a try. 

May - Pizza Hut 

Taurus' be like 'you want a pizza me?' 

Because you guys really love to fight people but are really cheesy with your flirting, and would say things like that. 

June - Nando's 

It's summer all year round at Nando's but we all know the spicy rice has bits of ice and that's why you get it for its price.  

July - Chiquito 

If you have ever been on holiday and your hotel room doesn't match how it looked in the pictures, that's pretty similar to the food here. 

August - Subway 

When you feel you are getting somewhere with your summer fling but then you dig deeper and find he/she is filled with soggy lettuce and plenty of excuses. 

September - Burger King 

When you are back at uni and you cannot be asked to cook so you end up eating here for 2 weeks straight until your friends crown you the new king of burgers.  

October - KFC 

When you ask her for breasts and thighs but she sends you a pic of her side-rib and drumsticks instead.  

November - Starbucks 

Dear Barista - ask me how my name is spelt because it makes me feel special for the rest of the day. 

December - Pret A Manger 

It's pronounced pret-ah-mourn-szay, not preh-ah-man-ge. 

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