It's that time of year again when the whole day is focused on that wonderful woman in your life - your Mum of course! Read the Student Hut teams awesome ideas on how to make her feel special.

We all love our Mums and absolutely hate to admit that we sometimes take advantage of how amazing they are because we are around them all of the time. While some see it as a gimmick set up for card factories to make some more money, we see it as a day devoted to how much we really do appreciate them! 

Some even complain ‘well, there isn’t a children’s day?!!!’ that’s because it’s every day you plonker! They always look after us and on one day a year (or two, including their birthday) it’s time for us to take the time to look after them! So, here are some original ideas that she won’t expect that you could do for that incredible woman in your life, as suggested by the Student Hut experts Sof and Ash.

Ashlea suggests:

I’ve gone for the cheap but thoughtful approach. At the end of the day, as much as we love our Mums, we are students after all. That means… not much £££ to treat her unfortunately. However, I am a firm believer that memories and the actions that you take to show your appreciation make the best presents!

  • Home make a Mother’s Day card

No matter how old you get, you would be surprised by how much your Mum would appreciate a homemade card. ‘Why’ do I hear you ask? Well, it shows you have put some thought and effort into it of course. Get creative! This is also a cheap-skate way of impressing that incredible lady!

  • Make ‘I owe you’ vouchers to help with chores around the house

Trust me, this will go down a real treat!! This is also a less expensive option but it helps the Mumma bear out. We should really be doing these things anyway but I think if we are honest, we get a bit lazy because we know that someone else will do it… Which usually ends up being Mum. So, show how much you appreciate her by doing those bits and bobs and contributing more towards the household. It will lift a lot of weight off her shoulders and will be something she will really appreciate.

  • Run a bath with bubbles and light a candle

Most mothers are usually run ragged with the amount of things they have to juggle so give her time to herself to relax by creating the ultimate wind down atmosphere. Even chuck in some face masks, a plate of her favourite treats, play her favourite music and give her a glass of prosecco if you are feeling extra kind!

  • Make her breakfast in bed

The ultimate go-to for a special mother’s day treat. Show her that today is her day straight from the moment she wakes up by taking her breakfast in bed! Make her favourite or spice it up from the usual. She probably has the same boring thing every day because she’s such a busy bee and has things to do. Why not make pancakes or a smoked salmon bagel? Pair this with a cup of coffee/tea, a glass of orange juice/bucks fizz and a flower in a little vase. This will put a smile on her face all day.

  • Create a scavenger hunt

Hide small gifts that are specific to her around your local area and give her clues that only she would understand to find each one. Make the last one the biggest present like a meal at her favourite restaurant or a picnic in a park that you used to play in together when you were a child. This will give her something to do during her special day and will make it all about her. It’s also great fun and shows how much you value your memories with her.

  • Frame some old family photos or a picture drawn by you

Go through some of the old boxes full of family photos and pictures that you drew as a child. Buy a cheap frame, pop them in and wrap! It really is that simple. If you do not have access to or do not know where such things are stored, you could always print photos off straight from your phone in various photograph printing locations. If you have scrabble at home, you could even steal a few pieces to make a framed image like the one in the picture above.

  • Make her a playlist and buy her some GOOD headphones

Step one: If you don’t already know (shame on you) find out what music is her favourite. Step two: Create a playlist on iTunes with these tracks in it and burn them onto a CD so that she can download it on to her iTunes and upload on to her device (iPhone, iPod) or play it as a CD while she is going about her daily activities. Step three: Buy her some amazing headphones that will make her look hip but also have really good technicalities. We highly recommend the iQualTech rose gold headphones, purely because we offer an exclusive 20% off so you will be saving yourself some money and also because they are stylish, the quality is amazing and they are conveniently wireless.

If she does not have a device which she could upload a playlist onto, then why not buy her a radio? You could still pair it up with the ultra cool headphones and it will make her feel like she has company during whatever activity she has to do but doesn’t wake you up on a Saturday morning when you are down for the weekend and are in need of a well deserved lie in after being in uni all week.

Get some from here. (<---that's a clickable link) Use the code 'STUDENTHUTMARCH' at the checkout to get exclusive discount!

Sofie Suggests:

I started with a classic approach to Mother’s Day, but I’ve thrown a few curveballs in at the end for a bit of fun. Like Ash’s ideas, my choices are also excellent for students on a budget. They’re also pretty perfect for those of us who aren’t very good at crafts and only have to look at a pot of glitter to knock it all over the floor.

  • Take Her To a National Trust Property

Mums are pretty cool, but they’re also into things like Gardener’s World and Antiques Roadshow. If you fancy the idea of having a nice Mother’s Day out, then heading to a National Trust property could be the perfect answer! They’ve got properties all around the UK, from castles in Somerset and stately homes in the East End to monasteries in Gloucestershire and forests in Essex. Entry is usually pretty affordable, and if you bring a packed lunch for an impromptu picnic then you’ll save even more. We bet your mum will love spending time with you and having a nose around some amazing historical buildings.

  • Make Her an Afternoon Tea

The classic Afternoon Tea is often a go-to gift idea for Mother’s Day. But what if you can’t afford £79 per person for Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea at the Ritz (we know, completely absurd). Then make it yourself! She’s likely to have a collection of pretty plates, cups and teapots already, so ban her from the kitchen for an hour or so whilst you get to work. Get a pretty cloth, some flowers from the garden or nearby hedgerows and some pretty serviettes. Here’s a list of things you could make for the perfect DIY Afternoon Tea:

  • Tea (obviously)

  • Cucumber sandwiches

  • Smoked salmon & cream cheese sandwiches

  • Cupcakes

  • Scones, jam and cream

  • Spend a Day Volunteering Together

If your mum is the type who doesn’t like having a fuss made over her, then why not scope out a few places that you could volunteer together for a day? Have a look for local women’s shelters, food banks or soup kitchens, and get stuck in together. You’ll get to spend time together helping disadvantaged or vulnerable people and she’ll be grateful you didn’t buy her yet another pink candle to add to her ever-growing collection.

  • Fill That Empty Nest

It’s tough being a mum when your kids grow up and head off to university. If she’s feeling a bit of that empty nest syndrome, then why not buy her a companion? Canaries are lovely pets, reasonably cheap to buy and look after, and they’ll sing happily and keep her company. Look on Gumtree or somewhere similar for happy, healthy canaries that come with a cage - people often have to let these lovely birds go to new homes because of time constraints or strict landlords.

  • Sow The Seeds of A Delicious Future

Combine the joys of gardening and eating with a cheap but super thoughtful gift that she can enjoy planting, caring for and eating. Tomato plants are easy to grow and to look after and will go deliciously in all manner of meals. Grab a grow bag for a couple of quid, a packet of tomato seeds and some tiny pots to germinate them in. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!


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