Your (unofficial) official guide to the animals in your soul and the souls of those around you during your time at university.

Many similarities can be drawn between humans and all the other inhabitants of the animal kingdom. We’ve compiled the ultimate uni student spirit animal guide to help you identify the people around you; and who knows - you may even find yourself...

Disclaimer: The human psyche encompasses elements as numerous as all the species on earth and is in constant flow, so you may find that you identify with different animals at different times in your university career (or you may even be a rare hybrid). There are also different variations within animal species, so you may find you identify with one of a given animal's characteristics, and not with another.


Domesticated with a hint of a wildness, the cat is a person who can fit in when they deem it necessary but still maintain an air of mystery and intrigue. They are known to have a bit of a mean streak, and people know not to mess with them (e.g. using the cat’s cutlery/bathroom products); however, there are few situations which cannot be rectified by food or other peace offerings. Upon first impressions, people may decide they don’t like the cat, but upon getting to know them find that they are actually very pleasant to be around and quite loyal.


The hyena is a very well liked, jolly creature - he or she enjoys spending time in large groups of people, and can always be relied upon for a good laugh (but may take the joke too far every once in awhile). Most likely an active member of a sports team or society. But beneath all of this, the hyena is actually a very complex being with unique individual needs and despite an extroverted exterior, does require some alone time every once in a while.


The unicorn is a beautiful and much sought after creature who is rarely ever seen, but enjoyed by everyone and deemed glorious on the rare occasions when they do appear. Nobody knows whether they are too busy with uni work to hang, off visiting friends from different uni’s/societies/halls, or holed up in their room doing mysterious (but shiny and glamorous) things. You will always wonder what exactly it is they get up to, and why they are rarely ever around. If they do stick around long enough to not be mysterious anymore, they downgrade to majestic stallions.


The dog is the sort of person you meet and immediately get along with.They are extremely likeable, loyal, and never have a bad thing to say about anyone else; but if you pose an obvious threat to the dog or any one of the dog’s loved ones, you will be bitten (or at the very least, barked at). They enjoy outdoor activities and will always be up for a good time. You will probably be friends with the dog for the rest of your life; to be a dog is to be a very good person indeed. Dogs and cats either love or hate each other - there is no middleground.

la chupacabra

[No photographs of la chupacabra exist]

As yin is to yang and darkness is to light, the chupacabra is the antithesis of the unicorn. They too are rarely ever seen, but when they do surface, they strike uneasiness and anxiety into the hearts of those around them. They are the sort of person who provokes silence once they enter a communal space, and they don’t make any effort to get involved with what everyone else is up to. Do not be mistaken - the lachupacabra is not a bad person. They’ve just got their own things going on, and don’t particularly care for social acceptability (and that’s ok).


The raccoon is the person whose status as a university student you will find yourself questioning repeatedly. They come to university not really knowing how to cook, clean, or use a washing machine, they rarely seem to go to lectures, and probably really enjoy gaming. Despite all this, they will manage to survive and are likely to pass university and do quite well for themselves in life.

bush baby

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The bush baby is adorable; there's just something about this person that makes others want to take care of them and ensure that they are ok. Like the racoon, you may find yourself wondering how they've managed to get to university - but they actually do quite well. This person is always included in plans, and is only ever seen properly late in the day. They are social like the hyena, but slightly more subdued. Likely to be found in close knit social subgroups within larger social situations (i.e. in the smoking area at the bar/club or in a mildly dodgy side room at a houseparty). Some people are very put off by their cuteness/general appeal, and may become suspicious of them without any particular reason.


 The chameleon is that person who blends seamlessly into any situation. Whether it’s freshers or finals, they are masters of mimicry and perfectly reflect whomever or whatever is going on around them. They are the sort of person who you feel like you are really good friends with, but you eventually realise that you don’t really know anything about them at all. It is unlikely that you will stay in contact with them during the holidays or once university is over.


The pigeon is misunderstood and consequently, not very well liked. The pigeon just wants to be your friend, but they might not always know how to express this appropriately and may behave in socially unacceptable ways e.g. stealing food/ demonstrating bad hygiene/ getting too drunk and vomiting/defecating everywhere. People tend to prefer country pigeons over city pigeons; they have a better grasp on the idea of boundaries.


The monkey is the socially successful and likeable pigeon. They may steal your food and make messes, but they are just so damn cheeky and fun that you can’t help but like them, even when they are being annoying as hell. The monkey is the sort of person who takes pranks to the next level, will probably do very outrageous things on nights out, and they find it very difficult to cope when they have to be serious (e.g. during exam/dissertation season). They are not at university for the education, but more for the life experience and always have an entertaining story to tell.


The dolphin is that person on your course or in your halls who is always open and friendly - when you speak to them, you can’t help but feel happy and optimistic. They somehow manage to successfully juggle active social lives (they are probably the captain of a sports team and president of a society) while also maintaining good grades. You may spend some time with them up close, but are more likely to watch and admire them from a distance (e.g. on Facebook or Snapchat)


The sheep is an agreeable (but mildly dull) person who can always be guaranteed to be doing what everyone else is doing. The sheep doesn’t cope well with being alone, and will always have other like minded sheep folk around them. The sheep manages to find friends everywhere and always knows someone wherever you go. Although well meaning, the sheep can be a bit of a fair-weather friend.


The sheep and the goat are fairly similar, but the goat is a little less straight edge than the sheep. He or she is likely to be a member of one of your universities more niche societies (e.g. The Lockpicking Society / Poi Society) and generally viewed as a bit of an oddball. The goat is likeable, but a bit strange.


The cougar is a slightly older student who hangs around with all the younger students - they may have taken a gap year (or two or three). The fact that they are a little bit older than everyone else and have more life experience makes them seem quite cool. You will probably be attracted to the cougar and want to be seen/associated with them. 


The shark may initially scare you, but you will find that there is something very addictive about being around them and their sharky friends (they tend to find eachother). Time spent with them will always be guaranteed to be lots of fun (with a hint of danger), and you will probably find yourself being quite attracted to this person; but get too close or allow yourself to be vulnerable around them, and you will get hurt. They leave a trail of destruction in their wake. Beware the shark.


Wolves are like shark/cougar hybrids. They have the coolness appeal, but are quite cliquey and feel unapproachable even when they are alone. They most likely suffer from resting b*tch face. They probably have very edgy style and go to all the underground nights rather than all the mainstream uni nights out. Even in first year they're at house parties fairly often and always know someone who is having one. They can be affectionate and warm at times, but you will never be quite sure where you stand with them.


The snake is very hard to pin down. Some people will say that they’re pure evil and tell you to stay away, while others will say they are actually harmless, misunderstood, and actually quite nice to be around. You will probably find yourself quite uneasy in their presence, and won’t go out of your way to hang out with them. They posses an unidentifiable suspicious quality, and are not very trustworthy.


The parrot is the person who stands out in all situations. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a night out or a hardcore revision session in the library - they are likely to be seen in eye catching ensembles (bright colours, mismatching perhaps), and they make their presence known wherever they go. They like to party and dance quite flamboyantly. Once they meet their other parrot half, it is likely that they will never let them go. Very overwhelming when grouped together.


The jellyfish is the epitome of independent coolness. They manage to exude their own unique style effortlessly and seem like they would be very interesting; but once you actually get up close or spend time with the jellyfish, you realise that there isn’t much going on beneath the surface (they’re fairly basic), and they can be quite toxic. Jellyfish are best enjoyed from a distance.  


The tortoise is always slightly behind everyone else. Whether its with uni work, trends, or gossip, they will usually catch on a little late. But do not underestimate the tortoise; slow and steady wins the race. Might be perceived as a bit of a dull person.


The hare and the monkey are very similar, and may even be friends; but the hare will be slightly less likeable than the monkey, and won’t seem to have things as under control. The hare is likely to be that person who spends their entire student loan in the space of a few days (most likely on drinks and general revelry) and might not make it to the end of their degree. Hares and tortoises are naturally opposed.


Beetles are very studious and serious people. They are at uni to work, and they make it very clear. They are most likely to be seen darting from lecture to lecture or on their way to the library with a bag full of books. It is unlikely you will ever see a beetle on a night out. They are probably studying a subject like law, economics or math, and will probably graduate with honours and get a really high paying job.


Kangaroos are fairly cool students who are really into travelling and seem to have a perennial tan, even in the dead of winter. They will always have amazing plans over the summer. Very chill vibes. A bit like the unicorn, but more approachable and less mysterious.


The rabbit is filled with the insatiable desire to copulate, and sees opportunities to do so EVERYWHERE. They are a person who is well aversed with the 'walk of shame' and probably have a very good knowledge of your university city or town's transport links as a result. They are Tinder experts, and have probably hooked up in some strange places on campus or with one of their flatmates. Mates before dates? Dates win every time. Nights out with them can be fun, but they may end up disappearing because they are getting with someone or avoiding someone they've already got with. May settle down in 3rd year if they meet someone they deem exciting enough to keep them interested (unlikely).

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