Find out all you need to know about when Pancake Day is and what your pancake flipping style says about you.

Students! Pancake day is soon upon us and up and down the country, cupboards will be rummaged through, pancake ingredients will clutter the kitchen counter, and cooking pans will be searing hot ready to make a nice, golden pancake. But before we get down to what style of flipping says about you, let's start with a brief overview of what Pancake Day is all about:

When is Pancake Day 2017? 

Pancake Day is always the day before the first day of Lent, otherwise known as Ash Wednesday. In 2017, Pancake Day will officially fall on Tuesday 28th of February, with Ash Wednesday falling on the Wednesday 1st of March. 

Why do we celebrate Pancake Day? 

Like many holidays, the origin of Pancake Day is religious in nature. You may have heard of Pancake Day as being referred to as 'Shrove Tuesday'. It has also been referred to as 'Fat Tuesday' or you may have heard the French calling it 'Mardi Gras'. But I digress. Going back to the word 'Shrove', it was derived from the word 'Shrive' which meant to free yourself from sin.  The whole idea of having 'Shrove Tuesday' was therefore to get rid of any indulgences before Lent. In other words, have one final pig out and then reign in your gluttonous desires. Sounds great, eh?

Whilst The Sun, The Mirror, and The Metro refer you to recipes and toppings you can add to your pancakes (we all do appreciate their delicious ideas) we're gonna deal with the nitty gritty question that no one talks about and what students really want to know: Will you flip your pancake? And what does your style of flipping say about you? Find more out more below.

1. You don’t dare to flip at all 


You basically have no courage despite your friends roaring encouragement at you to give it a go. Despite all this, you stick to your guns and refuse to participate in what you regard as an unnecessary risk.You are the Hufflepuff member of your crew.

2. You use a Spatula 

You know in snooker when they’re allowed to use that supporting cue to help them pot the balls? Yeah that’s you. When you pull the spatula proudly out of your draw, you feel like your Doctor Who wielding his sonic screwdriver. Well, you’re not mate. You don't only have no courage, you’re also using a sissy stick. Double-whammy. Boring.

3. You only flip when people are watching

You’re the equivalent of a jester in court; you aim to please others. Rather than bask in the inner self-satisfaction of flipping a pancake for yourself, you only feel validated if others are around to clap and applaud your efforts. How needy eh? 

4. You flip your pancake with two hands

Some would say using two hands gives you more stability and control over the pan, thereby increasing the chances of a successful pancake flip. I'd say you need to lift more and build up those puny forearms. This is a popular method of pancake flipping but it doesn't take away my reservations of using this method: two hands? With that glint in your eye and your two-handed grip, you might as well look like a prospector in the Gold rush AKA 'Stinky Pete'. 


5. You flip your pancake with one hand

You've upped the stakes on this one compared to using two hands to flip. This is probably the most common technique that everyone uses and it's a classic. If executed perfectly, your pancake flip with this technique has got the elegance of Roger Federer's backhand. 

6. You flip two pancakes at once

Requiring the strength of an overgrown chav and the cojones the size of Belgium, the fact that you dare to flip two pans at once with unreal levels of arrogance and sweg, your sheer audacity would make Kanye proud. This could go two ways; you could fail, never live it down and acquire an awfully punny, deragotory nickname e.g 'The pancake plonker' or achieve god-like status and do the unthinkable by flipping two pancakes at once. (I don't think this feat of brilliance has ever been achieved by mankind, so I hope the gif of the horse flipping with his mouth will do).  

So what kind of pancake flipper are you? Actions speak louder than words, so prove it on Pancake Day in your halls and amongst your housemates. And don't worry about causing a mess with your pancake flipping. Chances are, your kitchen is filthy anyways. Come on, you're proper students aren't ya?


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