Because we all know that 9am lectures are scarier than any slasher movie.

Halloween is fast approaching, so this list just had to be made. If you’ve ever wondered which classic horror film your university is, simply read on to find out.

Aberystwyth - Final Destination

Because your parents dropped you off on your first day and they haven’t heard from you since. Maybe one day you’ll emerge from the fog still in one piece. Maybe.

Man pointing at the camera

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University of Liverpool - Final Destination 3

I don’t think I need to say much more than ‘tanning bed’.

woman freaking out in tanning bed

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University of Manchester- The Shining

Forget Johnny. That person banging your door down? Yeah, it’s probably a Manc student who had one too many Jaegers in Tiger Tiger and has mistaken your dorm for theirs.

man with an axe trying to break a door down

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Durham - The Ring

For some reason, most of Durham’s students look like this. Come on guys, I know you’re hungover 24/7 but that’s no excuse for not washing your hair.

girl in a tattered dress walking through the woods

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Lincoln - The Blair Witch Project

If you go to Lincoln, odds are you’ve been a part of at least one crappy student film. It’s like a rite of passage.

On Screen Text: In October of 1994, three student filmmakers disappeared in the woods near Burkittsville, Maryland while shooting a documentary. A year later their footage was found.

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UCL- The Rocky Horror Picture Show

UCL students aren’t exactly scary. Intimidating? Yes. With questionable clothing taste? Yes. But scary? Only when they’re knocking back vodka shots like they’re full of water.

Man in full make up talking to the camera: Well.. how bout that?

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Bangor- I Know What You Did Last Summer

So does your lecturer. So does the waiter at Bar Uno. So does every single student because everyone at Bangor knows everything about each other.

man holding a polaroid photograph flips it over and it says "I know" on the back

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Exeter University – Alien

Because that is what every Exeter student is. Seriously: what other explanation is there for the Physics Tower, aside from it being a literal spaceship? Plus, it explains the weird hybrid accent that everyone seems to have.

woman in a space suit

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Birmingham - Scary Movie

Brummie students will always be the ones you go to for a laugh; they don’t take themselves too seriously and are experts at finding the good in an unappealing nightlife scene.

puppet on tv and then a girl comes to join it

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Edgehill- Child’s Play

You’re most likely a pretty decent person if you go to Edgehill. You’re probably easy going, down for a laugh, and fairly likely to attend your lectures...However, your hair probably looks like Chucky’s.

doll is pulled from underneath a bed

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Oxford- It

The only thing scarier than a murderous clown is an Oxford student. Something about being at the top of the metaphorical food chain just turns you harmless students into terrors.

clown popping up through the floor

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Cambridge – Psycho

Like with Oxford students, university life has truly changed you. Maybe it’s a result of three consecutive all-nighters, but you’ve definitely hallucinated someone being behind your shower curtain before now. They were most likely just brandishing your latest assignment rather than a knife though.

man talking: we all go a little mad sometimes

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