Have you always wondered which cocktail best represents your uni? Then it's your lucky day.
If you're reading this, then you're about to get some serious cocktail cravings as we reveal for the very first time the cocktail identity of your university.



what cocktail is your uni - sheffield daiquiri

One of the building blocks of the Russell Group Universities, Sheffield is a Daiquiri because it’s a sweet classic, but you’re all a rum bunch.

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Manchester really is the Bee’s Knees. In keeping with the city’s bee theme, this cocktail is made with gin, honey and lemon, and it’s as delicious as a Manchester student (oh no, this has turned really creepy, really fast).

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King’s College London

what cocktail is your uni - king's martini

King’s is a Martini. Not because it’s like James Bond, but because it’s a bit dry and old-fashioned and 70% London Gin.

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You Salty Dogs, you. Laced with salt, this zesty grapefruit cocktail is exactly what Southampton uni would taste like. Because it’s by the sea.

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what cocktail is your uni - dark n stormy

With it’s naval history, Greenwich has to be a Dark ‘N’ Stormy. Just watch out for shipwrecks, fellas.

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Queen Mary

In keeping with the blue QMUL theme, this university is a Blue Hawaii, a potent mix of vodka, rum, Curaçao and pineapple juice. Fruity and a bit different, this cocktail is what it would taste like if you wrung out Draper’s after Hail Mary and poured it into a glass. Eww.

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leeds kir royal

Leeds really is the university where posh people feel at home. You might live in Headingley and visit Tiger Tiger from time to time, but you always betray your roots by ordering a Kir Royale and making everyone judge you.

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Manchester Met

Ever hear of agave? It’s a Mexican syrup that’s a great substitute for honey, as Manchester Met is a great substitute for the Uni of. (If you don’t get this insult, check out their cocktail.) That’s why Manchester Metropolitan is a Agave Collins - tequila, lemon juice, maraschino liqueur, agave, soda water, lime and cherries.

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birmingham - bloody mary

Birmingham is a red brick university with a long and colourful history. The Bloody Mary seemed like a perfect match, because Birmingham students won’t bloody stop going on its red brick status.

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Sheffield Hallam

Sheffield Hallam, like the mojito, is a real party animal. It’s still a bit rubbish though.

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liverpool cheeky vimto

Take things to the next level in Level with a couple of Cheeky Vimtos.

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warwick white russian

Ah LSE, with your weird nerdy subjects and painfully intelligent people. A classic Old Fashioned suits you perfectly (and we’ll pretend we don’t see you wince when you take a sip).

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Full of middle-class and unbearably fancy people in red trousers and head to toe Jack Wills outfits, Exeter is the classy-but-lame White Russian.

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warwick pint

Warwick isn’t even a cocktail, it’s a nice sturdy pint of beer. Get down to business with Warwick’s business school, and prepare for life in the City with a pint.

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Essex, with all its fake tan, pink glitter and glistening white teeth is the flashy queen of all cocktails - the Cosmo. It’ll help with any UTIs too because of all that cranberry juice.

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