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Brighton – Martells

Nowhere in Britain really embodies the Dornish traits of sun, sand and Spanish accents. However Brighton is probably the closest we’ve got, given its seaside location and comparatively pleasant climate. Add in the fact that Brighton was ranked as the most sexually active university in the country in a 2014 poll and you’ve got a close(ish) parallel to Thrones’ lusty Dornishmen.

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Cambridge - House Lannister

They’ve got the money (nearly £6 billion in endowment), they’ve got the power (the number one ranked university in a whole load of league tables- although not ours!) and they’ve got a red and gold coat of arms with lions on. Anything else you need to hear?

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Warwick - House Baelish

Warwick only celebrated its 50th birthday last year but is already well known on the world stage.  It’s only appropriate then that they’re connected with a young, entrepreneurial character like Petyr Baelish. Yes, he’s kind of sleazy and his accent is all over the place but you can guarantee he’d fit in at a university famous for its business school (and for being rich beyond its years).

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Bristol - House Tyrell

Like the Tyrells, Bristol is prosperous, well-liked and a little short of the biggest guns. Unlike the Tyrells, no-one at Bristol is Natalie Dormer.

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York - House Frey

Sorry York, it had to be someone.  Ambition is the key connection here: the Freys are upstarts, keen to get to the top despite their lack of heritage. As a young university located on a body of water, York is a natural fit.

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Durham - House Stark

Dignified but humble.  Northern but still a bit posh.  Powerful but a little short of the big powerhouses of the south. The list of comparisons goes on.

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Newcastle - House Bolton

How do you think Newcastle feel being the *other* grand old redbrick university in the North? I bet Newcastle’s vice-chancellor would jump at the chance to Red Wedding Durham.

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St. Andrews- House Targaryen

St. Andrews university can claim one of the most impressive heritages of any university in the UK. Like the Targaryens, they’re ancient and powerful. Also like the Targaryens, they’re miles away from everything else that’s happening and no-one’s really sure where to find them.

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LSE - The Iron Bank of Braavos

Big city location? Check. Impressive campus? Check. Obsession with economics? Double check.

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Manchester - House Tully

Long-standing and difficult to dislike, the Tullys and Manchester students are united by their longstanding safeness. They’re not as crafty as the Lannisters or as ancient as the Targareans, but they’d definitely be further up your list of houses to enjoy a pint with.

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Sheffield - House Baratheon (Renly’s lot)

Remember Renly Baratheon, eh? Back in the days of season two this popular king had a bright future ahead of him, with plenty of money and the bank and men under his command. Sheffield shares a similarly sunny outlook, with a solid reputation for the academic and social life it offers.  Hopefully it won’t all come undone for them because of a shadowy vagina monster.

Source: Game of Thrones Wiki

Sheffield Hallam - House Baratheon (Stannis’ Lot)

Look, Sheffield Hallam University obviously wouldn’t use ancient blood magic to destroy the University of Sheffield and then take its place. That would be silly. You have to wonder if they’d consider it, given the chance though…

Source: Game of Thrones Wiki

Nottingham - House Arryn

What do we know about the Arryns? Well, they live in a really mountainous area, are pretty well-regarded and, err, are currently ruled by that twirp who likes throwing people off cliffs. Man, I hate that kid. Nottingham has the prestige and hilly backdrop locked down. Thankfully, there’s no sign of *that* kid on campus.

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Trinity College, Dublin - House Greyjoy

Located across the ocean from the mainland, with a powerful reputation and some cool stone architecture, Trinity College Dublin is an easy match for the Kraken-loving viking(ish) Greyjoys.Incredibly, its Greek motto (ΠΑΝΤΑ ΔΟΚΙΜΑΖΕΤΕ ΤΟ ΚΑΛΟΝ ΚΑΤΕΧΕΤE) translates to ‘We Do Not Sow.’ Remarkable!

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Aberdeen - The White Walkers

Because no-one could seriously live that far north and not be a race of ice zombies.

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