Ever wondered which Greggs bake your university is? We've got the answer, but only one uni can claim the sausage roll crown.

It's about time you found out once and for all which Greggs bake your university is.

King’s - Katsu Chicken

king's college London - Greggs katsu bake

You can’t be a university in the most diverse city in the UK without also being the most diverse of all the Greggs bakes. It's sourdough case also makes it suitably liberal-elite, perfect for chomping on as you prance around Shoreditch.

LSE - Butter Chicken

LSE - Greggs Butter Chicken Bake

Because those LSE students can butter you up, am I right? *winking emoji*

Southampton - Chicken Bake

Southampton university - Gregg's Chicken Bake

Both Southampton University and Chicken Bakes are, to be perfectly honest, a little bland. But there’s also something very comforting about their goopy depths, wrapped in a warm hug of pasty pastry. They may not be the jazziest uni, but we wouldn’t change them for anything.

Warwick - Steak Bake

Warwick - Gregg's steak bake

The gender balance at Warwick is 51% boys, 49% girls, so it’s a pretty macho university in the grand scheme of things. And what’s more manly than steak? Nothing, that’s what. Real men are 98% steak, 2% bake.

Birmingham - Pepperoni Pizza

Birmingham - Pepperoni Pizza slice Greggs

Because everyone loves Birmingham Uni, everyone loves Pepperoni Pizza, and both are spicy divas.

Leeds - Sausage and Bean Melt

Leeds sausage and bean melt

Because both are brilliant, tasty and full of sausages. And melts.

Exeter - Beef and Vegetable Pasty

Exeter - Greggs Pasty Vegetable and Beef

We know, we know, Exeter isn’t quite Cornwall, but it’s close enough to the spiritual home of meat stuffed pastry pockets to match perfectly with the Beef and Vegetable Pasty. Which also isn’t Cornish.

Sheffield - Sausage Roll

Sheffield - Gregg's sausage roll

Sheffield, the jewel in the crown of the North. It’s only apt that they are given the prized sausage roll to cherish and chomp on.

Sheffield Hallam - Cheese and Onion Bake

Sheffield Hallam - Gregg's cheese and onion bake

Who even eats these? Funky, smelly and unpopular. Cower in the shadow of Uni of’s sausage roll.

Manchester - Cheese and Bacon Wrap

Manchester cheese and bacon wrap greggs

Well done Manchester, you’re basically perfection, just like the cheesy, melty, bacony, salty, fatty, heaven-in-a-pastry-envelope-of-happiness cheese and bacon wrap.

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