Once again, Attenborough stunned the world with another incredible animal documentary which contained some seriously mind-blowing cinematography. In honour of such a fantastic series, why not compare your student self to some of the animals on the TV show? Here it goes:
  • THE INTROVERT - Snow Leopard

Like the snow leopard you enjoy leading a very solitary existance. You like to hide away in your room and keep to yourself because truth be told, you just enjoy your own company more than other students. You enjoy blending in and hate standing out from the crowd which makes you crepuscular.

  • THE high achiever - GOLDEN Eagle

Like the golden eagle, you are always determined and ready to dive straight in! Maybe not at 200mph in the fight for food but alternatively, you always give '110%' effort in to all of your university work. You will fight others of your kind in order to get the ultimate reward... The top marks!

  • THE JOKER - Raven

Like the ravens, you are ultimately jealous of the golden eagles success and love to pull at their feathers to put them off focus. You are the one that most commonly fools around in class and cracks the witty jokes. Often rated by your peers for making lectures a more enjoyable experience but slated by lecturers for not taking university as seriously as you should. 


Like the glass frog, you are the master of disguising yourself from the competition. You are modest as you don't show off your abilities but use them when they are required, You also defend the people that you care about by willingly kicking the predator away from their prey. 

  • THE LETHARGIC - Pygmy three toed sloth

Like the sloth, you are a bit slow and a bit lazy but also ready to do whatever it takes to win over the ladies. Whether that requires getting out of bed and walking across campus or swimming across a lake and climbing a few trees, you'll do it.

  • THE BOLD - marine iguanas


Like the marine iguana, when you were first a student you had to run from the fear of the pressure (snakes) but now you are much more settled. You made it over the rocky patch and came out the other side to become a far more chilled out iguana. 

  • the sponge - Harvest mouse

Like the harvest mouse, you were graced with the abilities of having a super memory and good navigational skills. This means that you are even able to find your way home after a drunken night at the SU which amazes people.

  • the diffident - FOX

Like the fox, you are trying your very best to continue surviving, not so much for life in general but more so within your university life. However, you cannot keep burying your head in to the snow! You must hunt for the right quotations for the essay you are currently writing.


So you got off to a slow start, spending most of the first term (winter) asleep in your halls, but now you're ready to shed your duvet (or fur) and boogie on into Spring. Say yes to positive thinking!

  • THE ATTACHED - Flamingo

Like the flamingo, you and your uni friends are inseperable. You do uni work together, you live together, you socialise together... You could even get stuck in ice together and enjoy each others company. 


Like the locust, every class of graduates sprout their wings after graduation and fly in to the wide world of jobdom (metaphorically of course) - watch out for the swarm. Replace 'food hunt' with 'job hunt' and you've nailed it. 


Like the Hawesville turtle hatchling, you were taught from birth that you must make your way in to the sea (of success), you are ambitious and eager to complete your university targets and aims! However, you can sometimes be led off track by distractions such as the bright lights calling from the city.


Like the crab, you are waiting for the turtle hatchlings to fail, you hide in the sand and pop out to drag them down further by telling them about more uni work that needs to be completed. MEAN. This is usually the lecturers role...


Hope that you enjoyed reading this. Please feel free to comment below if you can think of any other comparisons! Alternatively, feel free to tweet us @studenthutuk

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