There are several different ranking systems that you can use when choosing a university. But which one should you use? That all depends on which factors are most important to the applicant when choosing. Here are some of the most popular ranking systems broken down to help you decide which ones are the best and most uitable to use.

Student Hut League Table

The Student Hut League Table has thousands of student reviews on a variety of different degree courses, modules and a multitude of university profiles. Current students can leave a review and if you're not sure about your degree choice, or just want to find out more about what it's like to study your chosen degree, you can read these reviews to answer any questions you may have.

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the Teaching Excellence Framework

The new TEF Ranking System has been controversial since its release, but it nevertheless gives an alternative insight into the quality of research produced in lower and higher ranked universities. We have created a quick guide to give you answers to some of the questioned this new ranking system has proposed about teaching quality which you can access when you find out more.


Student Satisfaction and research quality

Looking at student satisfaction is a great way to determine how happy students are with a variety of different factors including research quality, quality of facilities, and the overall satisfaction of the university as a whole.

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Russell Group ranking

The Russell Group award can add a good reputation to the institution which can transfer to students when they begin their careers. Find out which universities are Russell Group and how they are different.

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