With the changing of colours and cooler temperatures, Autumn is always portrayed as a beautiful season. But it can't be denied that there are still some bones to pick about Autumn. For example...

1. Rain

So much rain. It’s not like it rains a consistent amount...it’ll be really fine rain but there’s so much of it that you get drenched in a matter of seconds. Or, it’ll rain for a minute and then stop and be bright sunshine. Then, as soon as you step outside, it’ll start pouring it down as if the clouds waited for you to come outside. Or even worse, when the rain just. Won’t. Stop. And then it starts being windy your umbrella becomes useless.


2. On the topic of umbrellas...

The concept of an umbrella is amazing. Keep you dry in the rain. Brilliant. Except, they only keep your head dry and everything else gets wet anyway, either from rain blowing in crazy directions or from the water dripping off the edges. And if you ever have to walk through a crowd you either get your head poked with other people’s umbrellas or you have to bop your umbrella up and down to prevent anyone else from being hit. It’s not something that’s very practical...


3. Soggy leaves

Images of Autumn are always made up of wonderfully coloured leaves falling gracefully from the trees and that’s all lovely but in reality...so many people have trodden on the leaves that they just become a slippery, soggy hazard.


4. Confusing weather.

Mother Nature, please make up your mind. I want to know if i’m wearing a big thick cuddly jumper or a t-shirt that won’t make me sweat like crazy. Will a cardigan suffice or do I need a coat, scarf, hat and anything else that will stop me dying of the cold???

5. humid weather is the worst

It just makes people sweaty and then you’re not able to cool off because everything is a hot mess. Nothing worse than sitting in a busy lecture theatre unable to cool down and trying to concentrate in the heat.

6. Illness

Autumn is sickness season. Things are getting colder, more time is spent indoors, it’s the perfect place for everyone to get ill. No one likes to be ill and no one wants to have a fever in humid weather that can’t make it’s mind up about whether it’s going to rain or not. It always seems to take forever to get over whichever sickness has taken over and that doesn’t help either!

7. hello Darkness, my old friend

More hours of darkness can make things confusing. It’s 4pm and the street lamps turn on...What is this? Or you wake up and it’s dark, you go about your day and when you come home it’s also dark. Excuse me, Mother Nature?


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