The option to resit exams is always open if you feel it will give you another shot at getting those grades! Although it may be disheartening to some, there’s no need to panic and here’s why!

1. You now have loads of time to prepare for the retakes

This means you can take all the time you need to recognise any topics that are difficult for you and dedicate more time towards tackling them. Having an extra term or year to rethink your exam strategy can be extremely beneficial towards helping you breeze through those papers!

2. A second chance to get those grades

If something happened to you that meant you couldn’t perform your best, or if you just found a particular subject especially challenging, resitting allows you the opportunity to try again on a blank slate.

3. You don’t have to resit at the same school/college

It can be tempting to stay in the same institution because of ease or routine, but moving to a different sixth form or college that suits your interests and way of learning can really boost your confidence and help you learn far more easily. Although some colleges may be a little harder to get to, your education will benefit massively from this change.

If you decide the school or college you currently attend is the best place for your learning, make sure to use the advice of teachers and use any student services available to you.

4. You can review your university options

You can reevaluate if the course or uni you chose is or isn’t for you. Re-sitting an exam also gives you the chance and the time to re-assess what you like to learn about. This presents the opportunity to change degree courses and increase the chance of loving your new degree choice!

5. You can work while studying

Most students retake only a couple of exams which means they don’t spend the majority of their days in school or college. If you’re one of these students you can dedicate your time getting work experience or even a part-time job to earn some extra money. This will help you build your CV (and any money is always good to have in the bank).

If you are retaking the majority of your exams, you can still use do internships and work experience placements in your holidays and half terms. Make the most of your time off and remember that relaxing after working hard at school or college is OK!

Remember that not every student starts university straight after finishing school so there is no shame in taking a extra term or year to achieve your goals. Take advantage of the support teachers, friends, and family give you and stay focused on your dreams!

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