Summer is supposed to be the best time of year, a time for cocktails, tans and daisy chains but here are a few reasons why, for girls, it can be anything but fun...

Under-Boob Sweat

Bra or no bra - boob sweat is a struggle. Regardless of what shape or size, they will be sweaty. You can pile the deodorant on your underboobs but lord knows it will be gone the second you step outside. It’s even worse for us paler souls who slap on the fake tan at the first sign of bikini weather and are left with white under-boob where the fake tan sweats off. We are yet to find the solution. But rest assured you will be the first we tell when we do.

Girl crying


Summer clothes on your period

Mother nature does not care. She will put you on your period regardless of the heat. Is she sorry? Probably not. Feeling super self-conscious about leakage when wearing shorts or a pretty little dress is something we’ve all experienced. Maybe this summer is the summer we care less? It’s natural and a beautiful thing after all.

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Hair in humidity

With sweat and humidity on the horizon, those of us with frizzy hair will stick out like a sore thumb. Then again, it gives us an excuse to splash out on a few hair masks like we even needed one. We could just embrace it. However, the sweaty neck is almost unbearable. Perhaps it’s a messy bun day?

Girl Blowing Hair

Foundation SPF can be deceiving


Rolling with the assumption that foundation protects us from the sun is genuinely dangerous. Whilst some big brands boast high SPF numbers they can vary massively. Clarins may have given us a factor 50 but most foundations can only offer an SPF of 15 or even less. Don’t be deceived. Check the bottle!!! If they have a high SPF - they will likely be shouting about it.

Sunburnt Baby

Full-time shaving

Being expected to shave whenever you want to get your legs out is a pain. Especially when you want to get them out EVERY day of summer. The pressure isn’t really fair and makes summer feel like a chore. Not to mention, the struggle of waiting for them to grow out before you can shave can make outfit planning an absolute mare. Unless of course, you can bare the rash that comes with premature shaving. It’s all a big fat CBA.

Woman Shaving

Bikini Shopping

With so many bikinis on the market choosing one should be easy. It’s anything but. The cheaper ones tend to be only available online, which of course has the attached disadvantage that you can’t see how it fits. With only one size and shape being portrayed on websites - it’s pretty impossible to see what it would actually look like on ourselves. Especially with their unreal bodies!

The fit isn’t the only problem. Trying to find an appropriate style is just as challenging. Striking the right balance between revealing and grandma is equally impossible. All in all, bikini standards are cancelled. Wear what you want and love yourself whilst doing it.

Cat Hiding

Make-up mayhem

Whether it’s sweat, hayfever or a combination - you need an exceptional primer to keep that full face looking perfect. Itchy eyes and mascara are a duo we could do without. No thank you, hayfever. You’re not welcome here.

Did we mention needing two separate foundations? One for your normal self and one for your alter-ego tanned self. If you love a luxury brand, summer can be an expensive time and the far from student friendly.

Girl wearing makeup

Dodgy bikini lines

Boys have it easy. They can whack on a different pair of shorts every day of the week and keep the same tan line hidden. Us? Bikini tan lines can be awful. Especially if you are wearing a different style each day. We’ll probably be looking like hot cross buns by the end of the holiday.


Weak Deodorants

This may just be a myth but I can’t help but conclude that men’s deodorant is SO much better than ours. It seems stronger, lasts longer and even sometimes smells better. It’s easily resolved though. Buy men’s deodorant. Simple.

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