The Women's World Cup is nearly here! So what better time to tell you why the world's favourite sport is even better when it's played by women.


According to my fried Gabriel, who describes himself as “but a simple football fan”, football is the greatest sport on Earth. But we all know that there is a big difference between men’s football and women’s.

1.    Women’s games are actually more way accessible.

While men’s games are often broadcast on TV so people can watch from the comfort of their own home, when women’s games aren’t, actually going to the games is much cheaper! A Tottenham season ticket costs £2200, whereas a season ticket for West Ham women’s is as low as £15! There’s no need for everyone to break the bank to enjoy some good football.

2.    Women’s football is much more family friendly.

We’ve all heard horror stories about football games erupting into terrible riots with homophobia and racism being spewed everywhere, so-called “fans” hurling abuse at the players they supposedly support. Fans also often get violent with each other, resorting to things like headbutting and punching. This kind of thing happens way, way less at women’s games. Probably to do with the fact that most people who act like that might not be the kind of people to celebrate women. The games are much more family-friendly so children and their parents can enjoy the sport too, without fear of violence.


3.    Women aren’t absolute wimps

If you’ve ever seen even a second of men’s football then you likely know that every time an opposing player so much as breaths in their direction they’re on the floor acting like they’ve been hit by a car. There’s none of this play acting in women’s football. In fact women have been injured, had blood dripping down their faces and all over the pitch and still carried on playing.


4.    The women’s team earn a lot less money

Annoyed about the ridiculous amount of money footballers earn for just kicking a ball round a field? Don’t worry, the gender wage gap has your back! The women earn a whole lot less. Men earn much, much more if they lose games than women do if they win! So women aren’t in it for the money, they’re in it for the sport. This makes their play a lot better because they actually care.

5.    The England Women’s team is Amazing!

The Lionesses have some of the best players in the world right now in their squad and are a force to be reckoned with! Players like Lucy Bronze, Fran Kirby and Nikita Parris are just a few of the stars that will be on show for England this summer.

Off the back of winning the SheBelieves Cup in March, England can count themselves amongst the favourites for the competition having already beaten some of the toughest teams in the world this year.  Also, the team is currently ranked #3 in the FIFA World Rankings, a feat the Men's team has yet to beat! So if you like your teams to do well and win, taking a chance on the women might be your best bet.

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