Time to put down the fishbowls and tiny short-shorts, Zante 2K14 is a thing of the past and these destinations are what it's all about now!

Are you sick and tired of hearing tales of the best summer ever in ‘Maga’ or Zante from what seems like every student you’ve ever met? Or if two weeks of alternating between bar hopping and toilet hugging is simply not your scene then why don’t you try some alternative (and more original) locations?

1. Poland

Now I know this isn’t a location that springs to mind when searching for a good time but don’t let Poland’s underrated reputation fool you. As a former culture capital of Europe, Poland’s capital Krakow has far more to offer than just cheap drinks (which are still plentiful, don’t you worry). From an underground cathedral carved out of salt, to a historic Old Town with a lively vibe, Poland is a country that’s up and coming - meaning that while there’s plenty to see and do, it’s still far cheaper than most European countries. This budget-friendly holiday destination might just surprise you.

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2. Romania

This is definitely one for the alternative holiday seekers, with history and urban legends galore, Romania is home to the region of Transylvania: the birthplace of Dracula’s legend. Bordering the Black Sea, Romania boasts a beautiful coastline and is home to the Carpathian Mountains. Romania’s capital, Bucharest, also holds an impressive (if odd) record of World’s Heaviest Building. Yes, that’s right, Bucharest’s Palace of Parliament weighs more than some Egyptian pyramids and is visible from space. One of the many perks of this destination is exceptionally cheap flights and accommodation compared to many European countries.

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3. Croatia

This often-forgotten holiday destination is a true hidden treasure. Boasting some of the best diving locations in Europe, Croatia has a coastline stretching 1,778 kilometres, with 1,185 islands providing plenty of locations for first-timers and experienced divers. Live out your Game of Thrones fantasies in Dubrovnik, the historic city used to film King’s Landing. Croatia caters for those looking for a slow paced, lazy beach holiday but it’s also a great destination for those who like to jam-pack activities, with river kayaking, rock climbing and cliff diving galore! Depending on the time of year you travel, flights can be relatively cheap and there are plenty of inexpensive places to stay.

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4. Thailand

For those looking slightly further afield, why not try out the golden beaches and jungle vistas of Thailand. The beauty of choosing this destination is that you can have several very different styles of a holiday. Go bar-crawling down seedy backstreets or relax on the sand; go for jungle hikes or take a tuk-tuk tour of Bangkok’s temples. The sky really is the limit, especially when you’re climbing one of Thailand’s many mountains. If mainland Thailand is still a little cliché for you, try some of the less tourist-heavy islands like Koh Yao Noi or Koh Payam for a more secluded experience. For this trip the largest expense by far is the cost of travel, however, once there, the cost of living and exploring in Thailand is unbelievably cheap.

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5. Denmark

Denmark’s capital of Copenhagen is famous for its bustling cycle lanes, trendy nightlife and cheerful population. There’s a wide range of activities on offer and with a system of scenic canals, Copenhagen is the Nordic answer to Venice. Copenhagen holds an impressive zoo and just north of the city lies Dyrehavsbakken, the world’s oldest amusement park for those classic thrill seekers. For this trip, the travel costs can be relatively low depending on what time of year you travel but the higher cost is likely to come from restaurants and accommodation so be savvy with where you dine and look for cheap deals on hotels.

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