Find out Katie's top tips for surviving the first month of uni...

As the A level results day is looming, it’s time to start thinking about not just moving to university, but how to survive your first month. Moving away from home and everything you’ve grown up with for the past 18 or so years can be quite daunting for some students. No more home cooked food, no clean clothes magically appearing in your wardrobe and no fully stocked up fridge.

With the first few weeks of university fuelled by alcohol, it can be easy to forget about your life outside of partying. To make sure you get the most out of your uni experience; make sure you add this advice to your uni survival kit to make your first month as a university student one to remember.


Attend freshers events

Your first point of call during freshers week has to be the freshers fair. It’ll be where you can get the low-down on all that is happening at your university during the first few weeks. You’ll leave with a bag full of free stuff which you probably won’t ever need or use, but as a student, anything that requires not spending money is a bonus. On a more useful note, the freshers fair is where you’ll be able to sign up to societies, get to know what events are happening on your campus and is a great way to meet other students.

Sign up to societies

A great way to make life long friends who share the same interests as you is to sign up to societies. There are societies targeted for everything and everyone, whether you are interested in sports, something creative, volunteering or if you have any academic interests. If you’re not interested in recreational activities outside of your course, 100% sign up to your course society. It will be the best way to get to know your fellow students that you’ll be attending lectures with throughout your time at uni. Don’t sign up to everything and then never attend anything. Join societies that allow you to experience something new but also ones that you are already familiar with.

Don’t be afraid to knock on doors

Living in halls can be the most daunting part of university for some students, especially as you’re living with complete strangers for the first time. But, everyone is in the same situation. Get yourself out there and make sure you knock on doors! During your first few weeks grasp the opportunity to talk to as many people as you can; whether you become life long friends or not, uni is all about meeting new people.

Explore the city

Moving to a new area, away from home is the most exciting thing you will experience in your first month of uni. Before your studies get too intense, take time out to explore the place you’ll be living for the next 3 years. Explore your university campus, the area you are living and anything exciting that your new home has to offer. After a month you’ll be able to ditch the map and know where all the best places to go are.

Don’t spend your entire loan during freshers

Having a university loan in your bank account is one of the first signs we all think that we are living independently in the real world. All this money but what to spend it on is the big question every student wants the answer to. Partying, alcohol and clothes is what we all truthfully spend it on, when we should also factor in bills, food and books. So make sure you budget your money! Without mum and dads help to tell you how to spend your money, the best idea for most students is to splurge in the first week of freshers. But after freshers has finished and you’re nearly hitting minus digits in your bank, you’ll regret buying that pair of new shoes. Budget sensibly but make the most of freshers and don’t miss out on exciting new experiences.

Find the library

Not the most exciting idea when you think of what you’ll get up to during freshers, but this place will be the key to your survival throughout all your university life. Make sure you know how and where to find the books you’ll need, as when you need a book for an assignment, you probably won’t be the only one who needs it too!

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