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Experience life at JCB prior to the possibility of applying for an undergraduate or graduate scheme.

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This work experience programme has been designed for university students; it enables you to experience life at JCB prior to the possibility of applying for an undergraduate or graduate scheme. The opportunity is for one week’s work experience. It is a chance for students to learn job skills first hand which they may not experience through their studies. We currently offer this work experience in the following departments:

  • Engineering (Office based)
  • Design and Graphics
  • Sales and Planning
  • Corporate events
  • Purchasing
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Technical Service 

We aim to put students into departments which are aligned to their interests and programme of academic study. The purpose of this work experience programme is to give 'hands on' experience to those who wish to work within JCB in the future or show a keen interest in the departments listed. Students will get to grips with some key aspects of working in a global company which includes daily working habits such as attendance, business working hours and communication. Work experience is increasingly important when applying for jobs and can help students stand out. The JCB employees who you will meet during the process will be more than happy to offer advice regarding future careers that you may be interested in.

Due to the amount of requests we receive JCB identifies set weeks throughout the year when work experience is available. These dates for are: w/c 12th September 2016 & w/c 9th January 2017

Normally for logistical reasons applications are ideally welcomed from those who live within 25 miles of a JCB site. However, those outside of this area will need to confirm that they can make their own daily travel arrangements to attend the placement during normal work hours.  JCB is not able to provide transport or local accommodation.

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