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Finding your dream job in Ibiza couldn't be easier when you travel with Summer Takeover!

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Our experienced reps are there to guide you every step of the way to ensure you find your dream job this summer!

Working in Ibiza is laid back and an unmissable experience. Ibiza is popular for amazing resort activates with a chilled out vibe. Just relax, Summer Takeover are here to ensure you have the ultimate working experience of a lifetime that we guarantee you’ll never forget!

Below are summaries of the most popular jobs available in Ibiza In our experience the majority of guests take up roles in the jobs listed below however if you feel you may be suited to something different, please contact us directly!


  • Serving beer & cocktails in some of the best bars and clubs in the resort.

Club / PR Work

  • Approaching tourists and offering them drink deals to get them into the clubs.

Ticket Selling

  • Sell tickets to tourists for events such as bar crawls, DJs and booze cruises.


  • Approaching tourists and offering them drinks deals to get them into the clubs.

Restaurant Work 

  • Waiter/waitressing, attracting people into the restaurant, or kitchen work.


  • Dancing on stages, podiums or even bar tops! Not for the faint of heart.

Glass Collecting

  • Collecting empty bottles and glasses for quick turnaround at the bar.

Gas Girls

  • You'll be working inside and outside lively bars and clubs selling balloons to tourists.

DJ Work

  • Working as a DJ in some of the top bars and clubs in the resort.

Skilled Work

  • Including face/body painting, security, DJs, photography and fire breathing.

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