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make way for nonconformity. sameness has left the building. be you. be a front of house team member.

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wagamama means naughty child. and it’s true. we’re non-conformists to the core. fresh, restless, free and playful. some of our front of house team members prefer to keep their brilliance understated. others like their personalities to explode in an array of piercings and tattoos. either way, we love both and everything in between

you’ll be on the frontline, creating a unique wagamama experience for every one of our guests. it’s a chance to let your winning ways shine and light-up the guest experience. encouraging those who want it to try out something new. being a walking, talking example of what it means to spread positivity from bowl to soul

passionate, individual and authentic – your three favourite self-descriptors. and exactly what we need you to be in this role. you’re the kind of person whose ambition is only matched by your high speed precision and eagerness to keep learning. so get ready for great pay, tips + bonuses, not to mention the chance to develop your career here

whatever your style. whatever your vibe. it’s you all over

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