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Why Study Here


Regent’s University London is London’s only independent, not-for-profit university, with a highly cosmopolitan community, based in royal Regent’s Park and Marylebone.

Our students study in a supportive, personal environment and go on to be global entrepreneurs and leaders. We are proud to welcome students of more than 140 nationalities.


Regent’s University London is located a short walk from Soho, the famous West End and Camden Town, all of which have a vibrant nightlife. The excellent transport links near Regent’s also means other nightlife hubs across the city are easily accessible.

Halls of residence

Regent's University London provides a variety of on and off-campus accommodation options. 

Our on-campus halls of residence are set in the beautiful, leafy grounds of our Regent's Park site, looking out over the gardens, lake and surrounding park. Living in halls allows you to relax and socialise on campus while being only a short walk away from the vibrant shops and nightlife of the West End.

Regent's also has a partnership with Urbanest St. Pancras to offer Zone 1 studios and apartments for students that are a short commute from the University.

Finally, Regent’s offers information and advice on all aspects of housing in the local area, for students who wish to rent or buy accommodation privately for the duration of their studies.


Regent’s University London has two sites; Regent’s Park and Marylebone. Our campus in Regent's Park and facilities just off Marylebone High Street are a short walk from each other. Both are easily accessible by public and private transport.

Clubs and societies

At Regent's University London, we encourage all our students to lead physically active lifestyles. Whether you are an elite performer or a beginner who is looking to get involved in a sport for the first time, we are committed to providing accessible, affordable and regular health and fitness sessions to our students.

The Regent’s University London Student Union has a multitude of sports clubs and societies that all students are entitled to sign up to. 

Freshers' week

Upon arrival, Undergraduate and Postgraduate students are invited to a welcome event so they can meet their new peers.

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