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3.4 / 25 reviews
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4.5 / 21 reviews
Freshers' Week: 
3.3 / 4 reviews

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Why Study Here


At the University of Sunderland, a thousand life-changing moments are waiting for you. You might find them in the vibrant heart of our city. You might find them in the sea. You might meet them amongst our first-class facilities, in a lecture or even on the football field.

Sunderland is a city by the sea. A place where lives are changed, futures are shaped and stories are rewritten. For our students, Sunderland is the place where lifelong friendships are forged and unforgettable moments take place. Many of our graduates love it so much, they end up calling it home.


The University has a proven track record of providing high-quality education and experiences. Students gave courses such as Education Studies, International Tourism and Hospitality Management, Psychology with Counselling, Social Sciences and Sports Coaching 100% Overall Satisfaction in the 2018 National Student Survey, and the University was deemed to be the best in the UK for student engagement in the 2018 UK Engagement Survey.



Home to nationally-acclaimed musicians: The Futureheads, Hyde and Beast, Frankie and the Heartstrings and The Lake Poets, Sunderland’s music scene is eclectic and electric.

Student favourite INDEPENDENT hosts art exhibitions and craft markets and every Friday and every Saturday you’ll find DJs and bands playing everything from nu-jazz and house to funk, soul and indie. As well as a thriving independent scene, we’ve also hosted some of the world’s biggest bands and artists such as Beyoncé, Foo Fighters and Rihanna.

You’ll find everything you want in Sunderland, from cheesy clubs and student-friendly bars to real-ale pubs and sophisticated restaurants.


halls of residence

Living in a student-friendly city like Sunderland is an amazing experience. We know that moving away to university is one of the biggest and most exciting decisions you’ll ever make, and you’ll find a home from home at Sunderland.

We offer a great choice of accommodation for you to choose from, and our rent prices include heating, lighting, water, fuel, Wi-Fi and personal possessions insurance.

All of our accommodation is self-catered, with fully equipped kitchens and on-site laundry facilities. We understand the importance of having a reliable and fast internet connection, and we can guarantee you 45Mbps, with unlimited downloads and uploads as standard.

We guarantee accommodation for all students studying in their first year at the University.

We guarantee international students a room booking throughout the duration of their course.




Sunderland is a place that’s as proud of its past as it is excited about its future. Situated on the North East coast, the city traces its roots back to Anglo Saxon times – and is currently undergoing unprecedented growth. Over £1billion is being invested in exciting projects across the city, from the ‘Northern Spire’, an iconic new bridge across the River Wear and a vibrant Cultural Quarter near City Campus, to attractive public space and seafront landscaping. And with even more ambitious plans in the pipeline, this really is Sunderland’s moment. From big events to unique attractions like the National Glass Centre and Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, there’s always something to do in Sunderland.

Highlights include:

  • Sunderland’s International Airshow, a three-day spectacle in the skies which attracts close to one million visitors to the coastline from Roker to Seaburn
  • The Sunderland Illuminations, which light up the Autumn evenings every year
  • Sunniside Live, the summerlong festival of music and dance which brings in visitors from across the country
  • A string of vibrant independent bars, pubs and coffee shops hosting regular live music nights, reading and writing groups, craft clubs and more.

clubs and societies

Whether you like to swim, ski, run, cycle, climb, sail, surf, train indoors or outdoors, there isn’t much you can’t take part in at Sunderland. As well as our excellent gym and sports provision on campus, you can also get involved in sports like tennis, badminton, football and squash. Or for something a bit different, why not give martial arts or trampolining a try?

There are over 50 Sports Clubs and Societies for you to join, covering everything from feminism, football, games, and hockey, to snow sports, debating and rugby. Whatever your interests, we’ll help you find friends and have a happy and fulfilling student experience.


freshers' week

Our Freshers' week is organised by the Students’ Union and will be framed as ‘welcome week’ this year.

We are focussing on daytime and early evening events so that all students feel included and considered.

Freshers’ will be able to take part in quizzes, meet special celebrity guests, attend music events, outdoor events, city walks, a mature student social, and even take part in ‘mate dates’, whereby new students are paired up with current students to help them settle in. There’ll also be an international student welcome event which is food focused. The University works with local businesses to identify safe spaces and venues for students, ensuring that everyone can get the most from welcome week.

  • Total Students
  • Male / Female Students
    59% Female 41% Male
  • Full / Part Time
    84% Full Time 16% Part Time
  • International Students
    38% International 62% UK

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The University of Sunderland Reviews

3.9 / 142 reviews
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25th January 2018
This uni has done me a world of good, they provide amazing support and the lectures are thorough. I’ve been able to change courses without any issues and I was even supported with financial issues. There is plenty of healthy food options and there’s always space in the library. They aren’t down your throat if you miss a lecture and are big in mental health and support. Brilliant.
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Iga Sznajdrowicz's picture

Iga Sznajdrowicz

3rd February 2018
I am a first year Psychology student. Overall, I really like my experience here- the lecturers are very nice, supportive and friendly. The course is very interesting and I do not regret choosing it. The campus site is well organised (I have everything that I need on one campus so there is no need for travelling to another campus during classes) which is another plus.
Campus / University buildings: 
Learning facilities: 
Sports facilities: 
Student Union: 
Careers service: 
Health and wellbeing services: 
Support for international students: 
I am an international student and I was able to take part in extra curriculum classes in order to improve my academic writing and reading skills.
Support and facilities for disabled students: 
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Rank City Student Rating
56 Barnet
4.3 / 9 reviews
57 Huddersfield
3.7 / 32 reviews
58 Penryn Town
3.9 / 21 reviews
59 Loughborough
3.7 / 29 reviews
60 Sunderland
3.7 / 26 reviews
61 Ormskirk
3.7 / 25 reviews
62 Colchester Town
3.4 / 53 reviews
63 Uxbridge
3.6 / 27 reviews
64 Bradford City
3.6 / 26 reviews
65 High Wycombe Town
3.7 / 20 reviews
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1 Panns Bank
3.9 / 10 reviews
2 Clanny House
3.3 / 6 reviews
3 The Forge U Student Village
3.5 / 4 reviews
4 Scotia Quay
2.6 / 5 reviews
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Rank Society and Clubs Name Student Rating
1 Atlas Theatre Company
5.0 / 7 reviews
2 Hockey
5.0 / 2 reviews
3 Catholic Society
5.0 / 1 review
4 Cheerleading
5.0 / 1 review
5 Computing Society
5.0 / 1 review
6 Enterprise Society
5.0 / 1 review
7 Snow Sports
5.0 / 1 review
8 Table Tennis
5.0 / 1 review
9 Adventure Club
4.0 / 2 reviews
10 Equestrian
4.0 / 1 review
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Rank Nightlife / Bar Name Student Rating
1 Illusions
4.1 / 11 reviews
2 Independent
4.3 / 8 reviews
3 The Cooper Rose
4.4 / 5 reviews
4 Life of Riley
5.0 / 2 reviews
5 Revolution (Sunderland)
4.3 / 3 reviews
6 Port of Call
5.0 / 1 review
7 Sam's Bar
5.0 / 1 review
8 Ttonic
5.0 / 1 review
9 Eazy Street
4.0 / 1 review
10 Lola's Bar
4.0 / 1 review
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Rank Freshers' Week Student Rating
1 Sunderland, University of
3.3 / 4 reviews
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