Whether you can eat 50 chicken nuggets in under 10 minutes or you're itching to tell the world about your love of hummus, we've got the perfect society for you.

Long gone are the boring days when societies were strictly sport or course-related. Now you can do just about anything. Extreme ironing? Yep. Dinosaur appreciation society? Yep. You name it - there’s a society for it. With the huge range of clubs to join, it can be tricky to whittle down the best ones. We’ve pulled together some wacky and wonderful favourites!

1.  PunSoc - University of Sussex

Are you bored and looking to inject a bit of pun into your life?  At the University of Susex, PunSoc brings the pun to the pub. Beers and laughter - what more could you ask for in a society? As they put it themselves: they are certainly not pundane.

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2.  Hummus Society - SOAS University of London

This society focusses on a very important issue: spreading awareness of the power of hummus. With hummus representing the “socio-cultural themes of mutuality and cooperation”, maybe it’s the answer to solving the world’s problems? Someone pass Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un some hummus and carrot sticks please...

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3. Quidditch - University of Leeds, University of Warwick, St. Andrews University, University of Oxford, University of Liverpool, UCL, Aston University, University of Birmingham, University of Cardiff (the list goes on…)

It’s become a classic in the UK. And before you ask, no, we haven’t invented flying broomsticks, nor have we mastered the Wingardium Leviosa. But can we run around on hockey sticks and chase someone dressed head-to-toe in gold lycra? Yes we can! A lack of genuine magic certainly doesn’t stop the Brits from playing Quidditch.

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4.  Stitch ‘n’ bitch - University of Leeds

At the University of Leeds, you can channel your inner granny whilst releasing all that anger about how your personal tutor STILL hasn’t replied to your FIFTH email. Who knew knitting could be so therapeutic?

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5.  20 Minute Society - University of Birmingham, Lancaster University, University of Lincoln, Newcastle University, University of Huddersfield

Winner of ‘The Most Improved Society of the Year’ in 2014, the 20-minute society has only continued to grow since, taking universities all over the country by storm. If you don’t like spontaneity then avoid this society like the plague. Every week, locations are randomly texted to members. They must then get to the stated location within 20 minutes. From karaoke to extreme trampolining, you’ll never know what to expect.

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6.  Competitive Eating Society - University of Kent

Finally some recognition for one of the many talents that students have. Student vs. food. I know who my vote’s on. Health warning: this challenge is not for the small-stomached.

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Are you part of an awesome society that hasn't been mentioned on this list? Let us know by leaving a review - you'll also be entered into our competition to win Nando's vouchers, Amazon vouchers, beer and more!

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